2) Computer Data Recovery

Computer Data Recovery isn't an easy task.

It takes a great deal of time, patience and some luck.  We use advanced tools, and software to recover systems.

We do have limitations however, and cannot recover drives that have been opened (Like with an axe) or extreme temperature damage (fire).
At this time we do not use a clean room, and do not preform direct platter recovery.  We haven't needed to. 
If by some wild chance that those services are required, we will refer you to a lab, who can preform such tasks, as their current rate was $350 per Gig. 

Our Data Recovery Services are reasonably priced, many other companies charge from 40.00 to 375.00 per hour. 

We currently charge 20.00 per hour. If the Drive is unrecoverable, we revert our prices to the standard administration Services price.  

*If your drive is being recovered due to a forensics issue, our price is 50.00 per hour, as we require two persons to be with the drive at all times, and will follow chain of custody as well as other guidelines designed to preserve evidence.  Depending on the nature of the issue, we may also involve either your own lawyer or ours, and this may incur additional fees.