Welcome to my little Rust server (With Oxide) 

I will only update/wipe the server when Face-punch requires such.  
With that being said, this *IS* a development server, things can and will break, causing me to curse and the world to be reset. 

Anyone is welcome to play, as long as you play fair, this means do not use hacks, no aimbots, no wallhacks, no looking through walls, et al.
Persons who violate this rule will be permabanned. 

English *IS* the required language to use this server. I do not care if your English is your second language, simply be able to respond and chat in English. 
Persons who violate this rule will be kicked. If you continue to violate, you will be permabanned. 

If you need to get ahold of me for a server related reason, you can email gjdunga@dstaftn.net or reach me on Facebook

If you would like to donate to keep the server going, or help with my tinkering, You can do so via paypal